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Personal growth, leadership, and technology

Acquia Engage Partner Testimonial

Digital Freedom Tour Interview

Digital transformation or digital adaptation?

The Agile Digital Transformation Podcast

2022 Year in Review

A Year of New Beginnings

15 Years of Drupal

A look back at the platform that started it all

Tech Upcycle - Running Ubuntu Linux on a 2007 iMac

Breathing new life into a 15 year old computer

The Myth of Work-life Balance

Finding balance while avoiding burnout

How to Learn Anything

My process for learning that can be deployed to just about anything

2021 Desk Setup

A closer look at my remote work configuration

New Year, New Site

Simplifying my stack and picking the right tools for the job

A Bountiful Future

Thoughts on what's next after our agency acquisition

Leading in Times of Uncertainty

Reflecting on the first few weeks of quarantine